stupid er blows me

so I was getting some crazy abdominal pain on my right side. It didn't go away. Called the doc, did the recommended shit, still hadn't gone away in a couple hours. So on the doctors recommendations we trotted over to the ER. And there we waited.. and waited.. and waited.. and waited.. for 5 hours. (I kept trying to get Paula to let me leave) Then I had to wait to see an actual doc. They didn't think it was mr. appendix (note: since it could have been that, I couldn't eat or drink for that 5 hours, and we got there at dinner time. ugg). They did a cat scan (that took a while). Then the results came back, nothing really showed up, but there was a lot of scatter due to the barium from earlier. By then the pain had subsided quite a bit. I'd finally got fluids in me (I chugged the 32oz for the cat scan in about a minute) and got an IV. The first attempt at the IV sucked and didn'tw ork. She said I felt dehydrated (a couple hours before hitting the ER I had 5 large glasses of water. guess it wasn't enough). sigh. So it could have been the barium plugging me up, causing a buildup. whatever. I've got a doc appt in a bit. Luckly I started getting paged at 7:30am. Slept through it for a bit. Stupid work. (I'm second call now).


mmmm.. pain

yay! having some pretty sweet abdominal pain. doc is having me drink more and try some gas-x. hopefully it does something beneficial. they are going to call back in an hour. $YAY

that wasn't that bad

everybody kept saying the barium shit tastes awful. It wasn't that bad. It just tasted a bit chaulky. Of course, I was incredibly hungry so maybe that helped. They didn't see anything obvious, but he still has to look at the high res scans. so thats good & bad.

work sucks.

Boo for not eating!

I was able to get to the snapple store to have them diagnose my battery as kaput. I ordered a new one online ($40 cheaper, and they last longer) but alas, the next day I get an email saying they are at least 30 days backordered due to manufacturing woes. But on the upside, they would send me an apple battery for the same price. Given my battery is dead, I opted to go that route. Those mag safe connectors on macbooks, while nice when you have a working battery, are quite irksome when you don't and it pops out.

I've got an upper GI xray with contrast at 10:45. The super awesome thing is I'm only allowed a sip of water for taking my meds since midnight last night. But after looking at the order sheet it says "N" under fasting. grumble. At least I had a tasty filling dinner last night. But I was still quite full at 11:40 and didn't have anything else to eat. My tumbly is grumbly right now. I get cranky when my tumbly is grumbly. I can't want to see where I am in a few hours. Depending on that I may get my chest xray while over there as well.

I think at this rate my backyard will be desnowed by july. Its still totally covered.

le sigh

Its not looking like I'll get confirmation my battery (and not some other part fo the machine) is bunk today. I may be able to get there tonight. Tomorrow looks doubtful too. You know, the magsafe plug on apple laptops is really a pain in the ass when your battery dies because teh plug pops out so easily.

I think I shall drag the girls downstairs to work on cleaning up the disaster area that is the playroom.

Taco Grande.

Yay or something

had a decent practice last night. We've got a friend of the band who is going to work on dealing with more clubs for us and hounding them down. I think the new promo dvd will help out in that area as well. We should be playing better places than oscars. Ideally we'd want to do openers at some bigger places like that showcase at patriot place, etc. we'll see what happens.

Sarah's got girlscouts tonight and Paula's working thus that means pizza for dinner!

I'm having some odd performance issues on one of my servers.. it could explain a lot. We got another box in that is pretty slick. its loaded up with intel x25m disks. it is mildly zippy. gets some crazy iops.

The battery in my macbook is kaput. I gotta stop by a genius bar to have that verified before I buy a replacement. I'm probably going to get one of hte higher capacity ones from fastmac. they last longer and are cheaper than the apple ones. Until that happens my macbook isn't as handy as one might hope.

I think that is all for now.

Ain't my ticker

My chest pain has been acting up since sunday.
It was pretty bad last night, I couldn't finish shoveling.

Went to the doc today (boy, you sure do get fast service when you mention chest pain, unlike one time I spent 3 hours in the ER waiting for a breathing treatment because I could not breath) he thinks it isn't my heart (my beat, bp, and ekg were all a-ok) but it could be something gastric. So I gotta go have some tests done next week. yay!

Paula's having a pampered chef party tonight at 7.

I'm working late (again? still?) to roll out some new shit. well, not new, reworked to not such as much shit.

I still haven't setup my music stuff since the gig, I wanted to play last night but I didn't want to / couldn't move everything around and set it up. oh well.

Poor (and hurray) Sarah!

On the poor note, she's having major growing pains. It was bad enough she woke up screaming :( We're going to talk to the doc again today to see if there is anything we can do. We've been giving her some ibuprofin. She suddenly got a crazy fever yesterday too, but it came back down with some drugs. Poor girl!

She lost her first 2 teeth yesterday!

Beth's bday party went well yesterday.

The gig saturday went well. It was odd having a crowd of people dancing in unison.

The dumbening!

we seems to be healthy again.
I thought I was going to die there for a bit.

The stupid.. it hurts.

A majority opinion on something does not make it true OR possibly the RIGHT THING.
There seems to be a growing trend that if the majority agrees, its good. Which, given we're a democracy, is theoretically right. But what about things such as child abuse, slavery, etc? If 80% of people agreed that beating the shit out of your kids was A-OK (which, is is according to some parts of the bible) does that mean it is right? I say, NO.

Ken Starr argued (part of the prop 8 thing to nullify 18,000 marriages) that since the majority voted against gays, fuck them they lose. The judge asked him if the general public voted to remove our freedom of speech if that would be OK. He said it would. wtf?

An bill was introduced in the oklahoma legistlature to ban Richard Dawkins from talking at the university of OK. In one breath it says Evolution is not the only theory and that a majority of OK residents do not agree, but in the next it states we need to have academic freedom. sigh. Don't they see the irony? It is ridiculous. This is the united freaking states. its 200-freaking-9. We should have our fucking HOVER CARS. Not arguing over things like this. The whole ID thing really saddens me. I'm sure all those OK residents have studied biology and have a firm grasp of whats going on, not just what it says in freaking Genesis and what the latest Discovery Institute pamphlet says.

we're so doomed.

We really need to break up the united states. we're no country bound together. I saw one projection for the eventual demise. It looked promising. The northeast becomes a country, closely allied with the EU. Texas goes back to mexico. Florida & some of the other souther states join forces. The midwest unifies into one big redneck ignorant belt. Then the west coast unifies and becomes closely allied with China. It could work. The biggest question is who gets the nukes.

tired of ill

I'm sick of being sick.

Maybe I'll see the doc tomorrow.
Haven't been puking. but the rear end has been acting up for a week now. Not as severe as late last week, but still annoying. (and yes folks, I am drinking liquids)