March 6th, 2009

The dumbening!

we seems to be healthy again.
I thought I was going to die there for a bit.

The stupid.. it hurts.

A majority opinion on something does not make it true OR possibly the RIGHT THING.
There seems to be a growing trend that if the majority agrees, its good. Which, given we're a democracy, is theoretically right. But what about things such as child abuse, slavery, etc? If 80% of people agreed that beating the shit out of your kids was A-OK (which, is is according to some parts of the bible) does that mean it is right? I say, NO.

Ken Starr argued (part of the prop 8 thing to nullify 18,000 marriages) that since the majority voted against gays, fuck them they lose. The judge asked him if the general public voted to remove our freedom of speech if that would be OK. He said it would. wtf?

An bill was introduced in the oklahoma legistlature to ban Richard Dawkins from talking at the university of OK. In one breath it says Evolution is not the only theory and that a majority of OK residents do not agree, but in the next it states we need to have academic freedom. sigh. Don't they see the irony? It is ridiculous. This is the united freaking states. its 200-freaking-9. We should have our fucking HOVER CARS. Not arguing over things like this. The whole ID thing really saddens me. I'm sure all those OK residents have studied biology and have a firm grasp of whats going on, not just what it says in freaking Genesis and what the latest Discovery Institute pamphlet says.

we're so doomed.

We really need to break up the united states. we're no country bound together. I saw one projection for the eventual demise. It looked promising. The northeast becomes a country, closely allied with the EU. Texas goes back to mexico. Florida & some of the other souther states join forces. The midwest unifies into one big redneck ignorant belt. Then the west coast unifies and becomes closely allied with China. It could work. The biggest question is who gets the nukes.