March 13th, 2009

Yay or something

had a decent practice last night. We've got a friend of the band who is going to work on dealing with more clubs for us and hounding them down. I think the new promo dvd will help out in that area as well. We should be playing better places than oscars. Ideally we'd want to do openers at some bigger places like that showcase at patriot place, etc. we'll see what happens.

Sarah's got girlscouts tonight and Paula's working thus that means pizza for dinner!

I'm having some odd performance issues on one of my servers.. it could explain a lot. We got another box in that is pretty slick. its loaded up with intel x25m disks. it is mildly zippy. gets some crazy iops.

The battery in my macbook is kaput. I gotta stop by a genius bar to have that verified before I buy a replacement. I'm probably going to get one of hte higher capacity ones from fastmac. they last longer and are cheaper than the apple ones. Until that happens my macbook isn't as handy as one might hope.

I think that is all for now.