March 16th, 2009

Boo for not eating!

I was able to get to the snapple store to have them diagnose my battery as kaput. I ordered a new one online ($40 cheaper, and they last longer) but alas, the next day I get an email saying they are at least 30 days backordered due to manufacturing woes. But on the upside, they would send me an apple battery for the same price. Given my battery is dead, I opted to go that route. Those mag safe connectors on macbooks, while nice when you have a working battery, are quite irksome when you don't and it pops out.

I've got an upper GI xray with contrast at 10:45. The super awesome thing is I'm only allowed a sip of water for taking my meds since midnight last night. But after looking at the order sheet it says "N" under fasting. grumble. At least I had a tasty filling dinner last night. But I was still quite full at 11:40 and didn't have anything else to eat. My tumbly is grumbly right now. I get cranky when my tumbly is grumbly. I can't want to see where I am in a few hours. Depending on that I may get my chest xray while over there as well.

I think at this rate my backyard will be desnowed by july. Its still totally covered.

that wasn't that bad

everybody kept saying the barium shit tastes awful. It wasn't that bad. It just tasted a bit chaulky. Of course, I was incredibly hungry so maybe that helped. They didn't see anything obvious, but he still has to look at the high res scans. so thats good & bad.

work sucks.

mmmm.. pain

yay! having some pretty sweet abdominal pain. doc is having me drink more and try some gas-x. hopefully it does something beneficial. they are going to call back in an hour. $YAY