March 17th, 2009

stupid er blows me

so I was getting some crazy abdominal pain on my right side. It didn't go away. Called the doc, did the recommended shit, still hadn't gone away in a couple hours. So on the doctors recommendations we trotted over to the ER. And there we waited.. and waited.. and waited.. and waited.. for 5 hours. (I kept trying to get Paula to let me leave) Then I had to wait to see an actual doc. They didn't think it was mr. appendix (note: since it could have been that, I couldn't eat or drink for that 5 hours, and we got there at dinner time. ugg). They did a cat scan (that took a while). Then the results came back, nothing really showed up, but there was a lot of scatter due to the barium from earlier. By then the pain had subsided quite a bit. I'd finally got fluids in me (I chugged the 32oz for the cat scan in about a minute) and got an IV. The first attempt at the IV sucked and didn'tw ork. She said I felt dehydrated (a couple hours before hitting the ER I had 5 large glasses of water. guess it wasn't enough). sigh. So it could have been the barium plugging me up, causing a buildup. whatever. I've got a doc appt in a bit. Luckly I started getting paged at 7:30am. Slept through it for a bit. Stupid work. (I'm second call now).