RevThresh (threshar) wrote,

Ain't my ticker

My chest pain has been acting up since sunday.
It was pretty bad last night, I couldn't finish shoveling.

Went to the doc today (boy, you sure do get fast service when you mention chest pain, unlike one time I spent 3 hours in the ER waiting for a breathing treatment because I could not breath) he thinks it isn't my heart (my beat, bp, and ekg were all a-ok) but it could be something gastric. So I gotta go have some tests done next week. yay!

Paula's having a pampered chef party tonight at 7.

I'm working late (again? still?) to roll out some new shit. well, not new, reworked to not such as much shit.

I still haven't setup my music stuff since the gig, I wanted to play last night but I didn't want to / couldn't move everything around and set it up. oh well.
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